05 September 2007

Da Huang Pictures Press Realease September

Press Release
4th September 2007

FLOWER IN THE POCKET Competes in Pusan
Liew Seng Tat's first feature film, FLOWER IN THE POCKET would be the thirdMalaysian Film competes for Pusan NEW CURRENTS AWARD. The film cast Indiefilmmaker James Lee, as father of two boys. The story about two boys grew up motherless, neglected by their father, a workaholic who spends the bulk ofhis time mending broken mannequins in his workshop. While the father shutshimself out from the world, the two brothers roam the streets, get into fights and other troubles in school but for all they want is just love andto be loved.

The Jury of New Currents is headed by Iranian master cineaste, DariushMEHRJUI, Cristian MUNGIU, winner of Palme d'Or of Cannes 2007, the members - Nan YU (China, Actress), Goran PASKALJEVIC (Serbia, Director), and LEEChang-dong (Korea, Director). The jury will select three films out of NewCurrents section to award 30,000 USD each.

FLOWER IN THE POCKET is produced by Da Huang Pictures, with Michelle Lo as producer and Charlotte Lim was the assistant director cum productionmanager. They are in Beijing and Shanghai respectively in preparation ofHollywood Production "The Mummy 3".

FLOWER IN THE POCKET cost USD50,000 and mainly funded by Tan Chui Mui, with the USD 30,000 prize money won from Pusan International Film Festivallast year. The film would have world premiere in Pusan International Film Festivalon 5th October, and then its North American Premiere in Vancouver Film Festival on 7th October. The film is also invited to International FilmFestival Rotterdam. The release in GSC E-Cinemas is expected on January2008.For trailer and more information on the film please visit : http://www.hana.dahuangpictures.com/

Flower in the Pocket
Language:Mandarin and Malay
Directed by: Liew Seng Tat
Duration: 90 mins2007
Synopsis:Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. They are neglected by their father Sui, a workaholic who spends the bulk of his time mending broken mannequinsin his workshop. While he shuts himself out from the world, the two brothersroam the streets, get into fights and other troubles in school but for all they want is just love and to be loved.
Director/ Writer/ Editor : Liew Seng Tat
Cinematographer : Albert Hue See Leong
Producer : Yen San Michelle Lo
Executive Producer : Tan Chui Mui
Production Manager/ Assistant Director : Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen
Production Designer / Key Art : Gan Siong King
Wong Zi Jiang : Ma Li Ohm
Lim Ming Wei : Ma Li Ahh
Amira Nasuha Binti Shahiran : Atan/ Ayu
James Lee : Ah Sui
Azman Bin Md. Hasan : Mamat

Liew Seng Tat
Liew Seng Tat was born on 20th September 1979, in a rather notorious areacalled Jinjang. He is known for making dark comedy - hilarious, ridiculous, absurd and yet touching.

He get a lot of attention with his first short film "Bread Skin withStrawberry Jam". The film won Best Short Film in the 8th MVA, and in thefollowing year, he win almost all the top prizes for short films categories, with his "Not Cool" and "Flower". Now he is in the post-production of hisfirst feature length, FLOWER IN THE POCKET.

Liew on Liew

BORN in 1979, the third of five siblings, Liew Seng Tat grew up amidst plenty of love, lots of laughter, and frequent life-threatening family feudsinvolving kitchen knives.

He hardly said a word in the first year of his life. His mother, halfsuspecting that he was mute and mentally-retarded, was very relieved when he finally spoke at length on his first birthday.

"At least he's only mentally retarded," Mrs Liew recalled with a smile.

Much later, Liew graduated from the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, majoring in 3D animation."Doesn't say much about the university," said his mother, raising her eyebrows.

After earning a living from it for three years in a local studio, Liew'sinterest in animation waned, and he turned to film. His first live action film, Bread Skin with Strawberry Jam, won the Best Short Film award at theMalaysian Video Awards in 2003. His second film, Not Cool, again won the highest accolade the following year.

IN WHAT CITY DOES IT LIVE (In script development)

JAMES LEE Completes Love Trilogy
James Lee's closes his Love Trilogy with WAITING FOR LOVE. The film would have world premiere in Pusan International Film Festival in October thisyear. The film with three scenes shows three couples at their turning pointof life, talking about marriage, or breaking-up. Pete Teo, Bernice Chauly, Loh Bok Lai, Amy Len, Lim Kien Lee and Amelia Chen casts the film.

The Love Trilogy started with BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN and followedby THINGS WE DO WHEN WE FALL IN LOVE. BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN had gained James Lee his second BEST ASEAN FEATURE FILM in Bangkok InternationalFilm Festival This year. The trophy would be awarded to James Lee by TourismAuthority of Thailand during the press conference.

James Lee is known for his prolific filmmaking, not only he had completed the trilogy in two years, he had also directed theatre play in KLPAC, and heis now shooting a Malay-language horror film called "Hysteria". He would also be performing in Marion D'Cruz's Bunga Manggar Bunga Raya in early September.

Waiting For Love
Language: Mandarin and Cantonese
Directed by: James Lee
Duration: 70 mins
Three scenes about three couples with each portraying maybe the turningpoint of their relationship.First scene, Lim and Amelia are a couple who had been together for almostfive years. While he works as a salesman and trying to save up for marriage,the girl are not sure if he's the one she wants to marry. One day he confronts her about a letter from her admirer.

Second scene, Pete & Bernice are a couple who had been together almost tenyears. They're not married because he doesn¡¦t believe in marriage. While she tags along, one day she might realizes this may not be the man she wants to end up with.

Third scene, we see Amy and Lai are a pair of secret lovers. This maybetheir last meeting or maybe not. They may had loved each other in the pastthey may not now in this scene.This is the third and final part of James Lee's Love Trilogy which takes offers a glimpse of the life of three lovers.

Story by: James Lee
Producer: James Lee
DOP: Jimmy Ishmael
Editor: James Lee
Assistant Director: Kenny Gan
Gaffer & Audio: Chong Seng Wah
Cast: Amy Len, Bernice Chauly, Pete Teo, Loh Bok Lai, Amelia Chen and Lim Kien Lee

James Lee
James Lee, a film director from Malaysia. He was born Lee Thim Heng on 13thDecember 1973 in the city of Ipoh in Perak.

He is one of the pioneers of the Malaysian New Wave, or more known as Malaysian Independent Film movement. He had produced early films of otherMalaysian filmakers like Amir Muhammad and Ho Yuhang, under his productionhouse, Doghouse73 Pictures. In 2004, he set-up Da Huang Pictures with Amir Muhammad, Tan Chui Mui and Liew Seng Tat.

James was actively involved in theatre before he make films. He startedas a theatre actor and director. His first film acting role was in AmirMuhammad's LIPS TO LIPS. He had recently acted in Liew Seng Tat's debut feature film, FLOWER IN THE POCKET.

He had directed a few stage play. In 2007, he directed a Harold Pinter'splay, "Betrayal".

In April 2007, the 9th Deauville Asian Film Festival had a focus on him,"A glance at the work of James Lee". They honour his young career as adirector with a personal vision.

Snipers (2001)
Ah Beng Returns (2001)
Room to Let (2002)
The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004)
Before We Fall in Love Again (2006)
Things We Do When We Fall in Love (2007)

Amir Muhammad had finished shooting MALAYSIAN GODS, previously titled "Do You Remember the 20th Day of September".

The film was launched in March and shot in June. It is a documentary with form of "city tour", about several things that happened in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.. The film is now in the post-production stage, where Amir is writing the final script of narration.

The film is shot in one continuous take of 59 minutes. The shooting took three days. Out of the three days of shoot, Amir selected the second day shoot, which was raining the whole time, and the rain reached its peak when the tour reached final location. Shooting with him was Albert Hue, the cinematographer he worked together in two of his previous films, "The Last Communist" and "Village People Radio Show".

Since both his previous film had been banned, there is much speculation on the censorship of new "Malaysian Gods", which the topic is also controversial and much more recent. However, Amir Muhammad is being quite optimistic about the film.

More info on: http://www.malaysiangods.dahuangpictures.com/

Malaysian Gods
Language: Malay
Directed by: Amir Muhammad
Duration: 61 mins
On 20 September 1998 Anwar Ibrahim, recently sacked as Deputy Prime Ministerof Malaysia, headed a public rally of thousands of people that marchedthrough Kuala Lumpur while demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister, his former mentor. The demonstrators ranged from 20,000 to 80,000 dependingon who was doing the counting. A few hours later Anwar would be arrested.

Director Statement:
I want to talk about a very recent event in Malaysian history, a time ofcontentious political divide but also a moment of camaraderie because forthe first time in recent memory, various disparate opposition and civil-society forces could galvanise into a positive force. The fact that itwas a short-lived movement is also interesting to examine. By taking theform of a "city tour" this documentary essay ironically invites us to view history as if it were a single unbroken journey; the voice-over will providea kind of counterpoint, as it will muse on both visible and invisiblemarkers.

As with my previous works I am certainly not interested in interviewing politicians or professional pundits. Much like "Russian Ark" itwill be shot in one take, a procedure that will take a few rehearsals. Butunlike it, it will take place outdoors, where the sun and breeze and sights act as indicators of a certain freedom and mobility. The jazz music thatwill accompany it will add a fun, improvisational flavour.

Director: Amir Muhammad
DOP: Albert Hue
Photographer: Danny Lim

Amir Muhammad
Amir Muhammad is possibly one of the funniest filmmaker in the world --- Or at least, the funniest Muslim filmmaker in the world.

Amir was born on December 5, 1972 in Kuala Lumpur. He has a Law degreebut does not use it. He has been writing for Malaysian print media since theage of 14. "that says more about the standard of newspapers here than itdoes about my own writing!", Amir said.

In 2000, he wrote and directed Malaysia's first DV feature, LIPS TO LIPS. He then make 6HORTS, a compilation of 6 essay film, BIG DURIAN, which was inSundance, TOKYO MAGIC HOUR, THE YEARS OF LIVING VICARIOUSLY, THE LASTCOMMUNIST, and VILLAGE PEOPLE RADIO SHOW. Both his THE LAST COMMUNIST and VILLAGE PEOPLE RADIO SHOW were banned in Malaysia. Not that all his previousfilms were pass, in fact he had never send them for censorship. Hence, none of Amir Muhammad's films had been theatrically released in Malaysia.

He is now working on " Malaysian Gods". On that day, Anwar Ibrahim, who had just been sacked as the deputy primeminister, was leading a thousands-strong rally that called for then primeminister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's resignation. Anwar was arrested a few hours after. Queen Elizabeth was also in town for the Commonwealth Games. "The film would be a one-shot walking tour through Dataran Mederka, it would showthe landmark architectures of Kuala Lumpur and it would boost the tourism of Malaysia." Amir said.

* Lips to Lips (2000)*
The Big Durian (2003) - Special citation, Dragons and Tigers Award in 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival; Special mention, New Asian Currents in 2003 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
* The Year of Living Vicariously (2005)*
Tokyo Magic Hour (2005)
* The Last Communist (Lelaki komunis terakhir) (2006)*
Village People Radio Show (2007)
* Susuk (2007)*
"Do You Remember The 20th Day Of September?

fadz: Tersedar akan sesuatu. Kalau golongan penerbit filem perdana dan komersial ingin menghantar 'press release', mereka menghantar GAMBAR dan LAGU ke emel aku. Jarang-jarang mahu menghantar benda yang AKU BOLEH BACA macam di atas. Kalau pembikin filem indie, mereka akan sentiasa hantar GAMBAR mereka dengan TEKS tentang filem dan pengarahnya. Wahai pembikin filem perdana, kalau festival luar tak layan filem korang, jangan marah lah, sebab korang memang tak bersedia langsung.
Sangat-sangat menunggu pengakhiran trilogi 'khianat' James Lee dan kegilaan Amir Muhammad membikin sebuah Russian Ark ala Malaysia, menjadi (FINAS, sila ambil perhatian) filem satu shot terpanjang di Malaysia. Walaupun di'ban' nanti, sekurang-kurangnya masuk Malaysian Books of Records. Ya Amir, hang memang gila 'attenshen' no..


GAIA weh! said...

GAIA: Tersedar akan sesuatu. patutlah entry Kayangan itu nampak ringkas and semacam je...

Anonymous said...

please visit www.dahuangpictures.com
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fadz said...

aduuh, Da Huang, tangkaslah kau mendatangi kami dengan sasamu, biar kau robek-robeki kami ini yang kehausan keluarbiasaan. Aduhh!

ted said...

btw fadz, selamat berpuasa dude.

ahaks kalau filem perdana, berbelas2 gambar dia kasi kat kau.. eh ko tak suka ke? pastu dia bagi sinopsis satu atau dua perenggan... yg kadangkala sinopsis tu sendiri tak berapa tepat / tak berjaya meng-encapsulate-kan filemnya hingga aku confused betul ke tidak sinopsis tu ditulis oleh org yg terlibat dgn filem berkenaan.

tak sabar aku nak tgk feature seng tat tu. lamanya weyyyy jan 08!

fadz said...

ted, hehe...the mainstreams msut hate me... but no..not all of them like that. Kayangan is made by a new production, hence the presentation. Most mainstream producers send better 'press-kit'. I dont care about the kits, i care about the film if it matters to me or not..

BTW, kirim salam dengan bos u Hjh Naza. Kata kat dia, wear a lot of brighter color please, black just make her look like a vodoo lady, hehe..

stephanie said...

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